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Beamline is a project developed at the Technical University of Denmark. For further information you can contact

Andrea Burattin


Please, cite this work as:

BibTeX for citation
  title = {Beamline: A comprehensive toolkit for research and development of streaming process mining},
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  author = {Andrea Burattin},
  keywords = {Process mining, Streaming process mining, Apache Flink, Reactive programming},
  abstract = {Beamline is a software library to support the research and development of streaming process mining algorithms. Specifically, it comprises a Java library, built on top of Apache Flink, which fosters high performance and deployment. The second component is a Python library (called pyBeamline, built using ReactiveX) which allows the quick prototyping and development of new streaming process mining algorithms. The two libraries share the same underlying data structures (BEvent) as well as the same fundamental principles, thus making the prototypes (built by researchers using pyBeamline) quickly transferrable to full-fledged and highly scalable applications (using Java Beamline).}

Another relevant publication where the framework is presented is:

Implemented techniques have corresponding citation information on their documentation page.