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Trivial Miner


To use these algorithms in your Java Maven project it is necessary to include, in the pom.xml file, the dependency:

See the introduction page for further instructions.


This miner extracts just a dependency map leveraging the directly follows relations observed in the stream. Once a XesSource is available, the miner can be configured and used as follows:

DirectlyFollowsDependencyDiscoveryMiner miner = new DirectlyFollowsDependencyDiscoveryMiner();
miner.setModelRefreshRate(1); // configure how ofter the mining algorithm should emit a new model
miner.setMinDependency(0.8); // configure the dependency threshold

StreamExecutionEnvironment env = StreamExecutionEnvironment.getExecutionEnvironment();
    .addSource(new StringTestSource("ABCDF", "ABCEF"))
    .addSink(new SinkFunction<ProcessMap>(){
        public void invoke(ProcessMap value, Context context) throws Exception {
            value.generateDot().exportToSvg(new File("output.svg"));

Scientific literature

The techniques implemented in this package are described in: